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Gleanings from the book of Ruth

11.05.23 "Spiritual Disciplines" Troy Dontigney

CVC Worship Director

10.29.23 "Faithful Father"

Hosea 1:1-11

10.22.23 "The Real Danger of Taking God's Name in Vain"

Troy Dontigney

 CVC Worship Director 

10.15.23 "Jesus, Zacchaeus, Climbing Trees & the Kingdom"

Jim Dworning of Vineyard Community Church encourage us to take risks in following the call that Jesus has on our live.

"But God"

"Amazing Love"

Guest Speakers & Independent Sermons
~July & August 2023~

"Why Church?"

"Growing In The Father's Heart" Conference

with Tom Wadsworth of the Lakewood Vineyard

"Hey Jude"

A series on Jude & contending for our faith

"Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday"


Where are we headed in 2023?

The Kingdom Come At Christmas

"Psalm 23" series

Single Sermons

"Created to Worship" series

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You can listen to previous messages here...

Joshua 3: David Pearson

David shares on moving from a culture of following signs to a culture of signs that follow.

Protecting the Flow

In a season of upheaval, Kyle shares about the necessity of protecting the flow of God's grace as a church family.

Remember the Poor

Whenever God tells His people to care for the poor, He reminds them of how He rescued them from slavery.

Keeping the Words

In Revelation 3:1-3, the church of Sardis is challenged to remember and keep the messages that they had received from God. In this...

Panel Discussion

Yay! Our tech guys were hard at work fixing up the audio issues from the previous week. Listen to the August 9th Panel in the recording...

Remember His Command

Billie Green shares a personal story from her history with God. In the story of God's people, Israel, they are told that their success is...

What do you Recall?

Remembering can either sap your strength or cultivate courage. In this message, we look at Lamentations 3:17-23 and the effects of...

Remembering the Testimony

Today Kyle introduced a new series, "Remember." Remembering our history with God engages us with God's present activity, and it...

Remember - Wonderous Works

⚡"Remember the whole way that God has led you"⚡ -Deuteronomy 8:2. In the most unique time of our history, we are committed to the work of...

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