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Gleanings from the book of Ruth

11.05.23 "Spiritual Disciplines" Troy Dontigney

CVC Worship Director

10.29.23 "Faithful Father"

Hosea 1:1-11

10.22.23 "The Real Danger of Taking God's Name in Vain"

Troy Dontigney

 CVC Worship Director 

10.15.23 "Jesus, Zacchaeus, Climbing Trees & the Kingdom"

Jim Dworning of Vineyard Community Church encourage us to take risks in following the call that Jesus has on our live.

"But God"

"Amazing Love"

Guest Speakers & Independent Sermons
~July & August 2023~

"Why Church?"

"Growing In The Father's Heart" Conference

with Tom Wadsworth of the Lakewood Vineyard

"Hey Jude"

A series on Jude & contending for our faith

"Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday"


Where are we headed in 2023?

The Kingdom Come At Christmas

"Psalm 23" series

Single Sermons

"Created to Worship" series

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You can listen to previous messages here...

The Cry for Justice

In light of the death of George Floyd, there is an outcry for justice. Today Kyle looks at the nature of justice, as an expression of...

Breath of God

Our nation is in an uproar in response to the explicit wrongdoing of officers in Minneapolis this week. The last words of George Floyd.

The War for Worship

The many voices vying for our attention reflects a deeper spiritual reality we are currently facing.

Why Abandonment is Worship

During this global pandemic, many things of value are being threatened: our sense of security, our liberties, and livelihood to name a few!

Feasting on the Treasures of Heaven

In Colossians 3 we're told to give more attention to heavenly things than to earthly things. In this ongoing season of global crisis and

John and Tammy Ogden

John and Tammy Ogden: the Ogdens serve as missionaries in Latin America. Hear them share their experiences.

He is Risen!

Today we celebrate the most significant moment in history that has changed the trajectory of the whole world!

The Church and COVID-19

In this unique moment in history, we as the church will need to face the pandemic, without being caught in the pandemonium.

Engaging in the Moment

Have you ever driven somewhere and realized you have no memory of the drive?

Making Space for God

Everything we need is ours in Jesus, but we can live disconnected from that, we have to learn to position ourselves to stay connected to...

Is "Religion" good or bad?

Previous generations have treasured the concept of religion, while much of the culture today is repulsed by it, including the church! In...

Unshakeable Righteousness

In the past few weeks Kyle has shared about the peace and joy of God that we get to live from.

Unshakable Peace

It's possible to fight the right fight from the wrong place.

Unshakeable Joy

Our circumstances can take us on a roller coaster of emotions, but we can live from a joy that is unshakeable.

Dancing as Strategic Warfare

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does fear rob you in your daily life? Did you know that you can be free of fear?

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