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Gleanings from the book of Ruth

11.05.23 "Spiritual Disciplines" Troy Dontigney

CVC Worship Director

10.29.23 "Faithful Father"

Hosea 1:1-11

10.22.23 "The Real Danger of Taking God's Name in Vain"

Troy Dontigney

 CVC Worship Director 

10.15.23 "Jesus, Zacchaeus, Climbing Trees & the Kingdom"

Jim Dworning of Vineyard Community Church encourage us to take risks in following the call that Jesus has on our live.

"But God"

"Amazing Love"

Guest Speakers & Independent Sermons
~July & August 2023~

"Why Church?"

"Growing In The Father's Heart" Conference

with Tom Wadsworth of the Lakewood Vineyard

"Hey Jude"

A series on Jude & contending for our faith

"Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday"


Where are we headed in 2023?

The Kingdom Come At Christmas

"Psalm 23" series

Single Sermons

"Created to Worship" series

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You can listen to previous messages here...

Settling In

Kyle connects the birth of Jesus to the 7th day of creation.

Pregnant with Promises

After the kids' holiday performance, our very own Ivy Thoman shares about God's desire to birth something through each of us. He's ...

Walking in the Fire of God

Special guest Beau Burnham, from Jackson Mississippi, shares about the Fire of God. God is a fire that consumes His enemies, and He has...

Your Wealth is a Weapon

In this message Kyle concludes our Poverty, Riches, and Wealth series by inviting us to consider the resources God has entrusted to each...

Prosperity & Advancing

How do you handle success? Like failure, turns out there's a right way and a wrong way to respond to success. Kyle shares about the...

Do I Have Enough?

This week Kyle unpacks the poverty and wealth mindsets. The lie of "not enough" stunts us and kills dreams. Learn about the worldview...

Wealth and Legacy

Mark Schmidt shares about the process of legacy. We have all been entrusted with tools from those who have invested in us, and we are all...

Wealth Reveals Heaven

This week we kicked off our series, "Poverty, Riches and Wealth." Kyle explores the wealth of Heaven that Jesus reveals through miracles,...

The Three Means of Transformation

Bruce Willmann, pastor of Champion City Vineyard, shares about the three means of transformation; focusing in on impartation and ...

Australia Recap & Handkerchiefs

Melissa shares about her most recent Australia Adventure, and Kyle follows up with a brief teaching on understanding what you carry so...

Women's Prayer Panel

Anna, Sheila, and Marisue share their individual experiences with prayer and perseverance in this special Q&A-style panel.

Daniel Clarkson On Intercession

Our very own Daniel Clarkson shares on praying beyond results from his experience as a leader in corporate prayer ministry.

Teach Us to Pray

We pray with persistence and we steward hunger, confident that God gives whatever we ask when we are saturated in His heart.

Labor from the Father's Embrace

The quality of what we produce depends on where we live. If we live in anxiety, fear, un-forgiveness, resentment, etc, it will taint what...

Jesus the Intercessor

Only Jesus fulfills the task of mediating between God and humanity. Because He loves in the Embrace of the Father, He is able to reveal...

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