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Crossway  Vineyard Church

Our Vision:

We are wholehearted lovers, 

leading others into wholehearted love of Jesus


What We Value:

We are Presence Centered.

Like Moses in Exodus 33, we are unwilling to compromise God’s presence for any other end.

God has given us His Holy Spirit and we never have to be without. We wait on Him, listen for Him, ask for Him,

rely on Him, move with Him and rest with Him. All of our other values flow out of this value, and we are

willing to forsake all other values for the sake of His Presence.

We are a Family. Family is dear to God’s heart. Through Christ God is weaving together the Family of Heaven.

Family in the Kingdom attracts God’s Presence and reveals God’s character. We gather together to worship, to pray, to eat, to play, to serve, to build, to celebrate, to grieve, and to laugh.

We are real with one another; celebrating progress instead of measuring weakness. We honor one another; choosing to see each person as the Father sees them.

We practice a Kingdom Lifestyle.

We are not content to simply talk about God’s Kingdom, but we demonstrate its reality

with power (1 Cor. 4:20). We co-labor with God to see the sick healed, the captive set free, the dead raised,

and evil confronted at every turn. We pray bold prayers, share powerful testimonies, and

resolve to see the power of God on display in places of darkness, lack, and despair.

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