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"In 1976 a group of worn out Christians gathered in a small living room in Southern California with the intention of pouring out their heart to Jesus and experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit in worship. The young man leading worship (Carl Tuttle) knew three chords on his guitar. The songs were simple. They were powerful and profound. These songs that were sung to Jesus (not just about Jesus) would spread all over the globe, encouraging the "big C" church to experience the presence of God in intimate worship. This was the start of the Vineyard Movement of churches.

Worship has always been at the center of the Vineyard. I've been to a number of Vineyard churches in the U.S. and many different parts of the world. The language can be different, the instruments can be different but one things is the same... a passion, hunger and thirst for the presence of Jesus. Perhaps you'll consider joining Crossway Vineyard at some point, we would love to meet you and invite you to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in the context of community."   Pastor Dave

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