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Every church has certain distinctives that represent a particular flavor of God's Kingdom, an aspect of His nature. These distinctives don't make any one church better than the other, but working together as the body of Christ, we can see the gospel impact our communities. 


The calling of Crossway is to be a family who loves well. As we love God and each other, people will see Jesus when they look at us. Out of our hunger and thirst for Him, we continuously grow in our knowledge and faith, stepping out in courage to receive and reveal the heart of the Father.



The culture of Crossway is that everyone belongs and everyone gets to play. We listen to the Holy Spirit and do what the Father is doing. We create a safe place where it’s okay to fail and try again.



The Crossway family grows in God’s love together. People feel connected and drawn to the Father as we pour into each other and demonstrate His delight and embrace. As we become more aware of the Holy Spirit and reveal the heart of the Father, we are able to meet people where they are even when it’s messy. The mission of Christ is fulfilled through hospitality, building Kingdom relationships, and sharing in one another’s joys, trials, and sorrows.


Not Family

When we are not family, people feel disconnected and alone. Needs are not shared and go unmet. Loneliness and judgment replace engagement. We don’t function as God intended. The movement of the Holy Spirit is dampened, and we become less responsive to His nudging.

"The biblical model for church is more a family and less a business. A business fills titles & positions. A family raises spiritual mothers, fathers, sons & daughters."  Pastor Dave

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